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Gorsuch, Russia, N.C.A.A. Final: Your Monday Evening Briefing

Here?s what you need to know at the end of the day.


If You’re Wondering Where ‘Big Little Lies’ Was Filmed, Plan A Trip To Monterey

Nicole Kidman and her posse may be the biggest stars of HBO?s ?Big Little Lies,? but the miniseries? stunning location is a close runner-up. The story takes place in Monterey, California, and much of it was filmed in the town and its surrounding area.

The nearby rugged coastline ? known as Big Sur ? has been a hit with travelers lately, and the show aimed to boost its allure even more.

?Aesthetically, we were looking to draw the audience in and (have them say) ?I want to go there on vacation,?? creator David E. Kelley told The Mercury News. 

Here?s where to visit during yours.

Bixby Bridge and Highway 1

The opening credits feature this iconic bridge, which arches 260 feet above a canyon in Big Sur. Plan a drive along Highway 1 to soak in those legendary views, but note that a fire and mudslides have caused closures lately, so you may need to take an alternate route after checking current road conditions

Garrapata State Park

Those shots of powerful crashing waves come from this scenic state park, where locals go for uncrowded hiking trails that climb steeply up to ocean vistas before plunging into redwood forests. Again, check for closures before choosing a trail. 

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Fisherman?s Wharf

The show?s moms gossip at a coffeeshop on Fisherman?s Wharf, which was originally built in the 1800s to unload passengers and freight (namely sardines). Today, the wharf?s seafood options are more refined: Try the clam chowder at Old Fisherman?s Grotto or the king crab at Domenico?s On the Wharf.

Del Monte Beach

Shailene Woodley?s character loves to run on the beach, and this wide-open stretch of sand made the perfect filming location. Mostly locals hang out here, and it?s an ideal spot for beach walks, picnics and kayaking.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium

You?ll see it in the show briefly, but no visit to Monterey would be complete without at least a half-day trip to this world-class aquarium, which is home to more than 35,000 creatures. 

Lovers Point

Many key scenes take place at this beach and park in the charming city of Pacific Grove. Stop by for a beachside run, volleyball game, dip in the ocean or nap on the lawn. Ahh.

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Alec Baldwin Says That Angry 2007 Voicemail Hurt Daughter In A ‘Permanent’ Way

Alec Baldwin is no stranger to controversy. 

With a career spanning decades, the ?Saturday Night Live? guest star has battled many demons in the public eye. Baldwin?s new memoir, Nevertheless, details his struggle with drugs and alcohol in his early days ? but there?s one scandal that still haunts him to this day.

In 2007, an angry voicemail Baldwin left for this then 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, leaked online amid the actor?s contentious divorce from ex-wife Kim Basinger. In the message Baldwin calls his daughter a ?rude little pig? and threatens to ?straighten [her] ass out? after she ?humiliated [him] for the last time.?

Speaking with ?Good Morning America? on Monday ahead of the release of his new book, Baldwin revealed that the voicemail caused ?permanent? damage to his relationship with Ireland nearly a decade after the incident. 

?It?s thrown in your face every day,? Baldwin explained to ?GMA? anchor George Stephanopoulos. ?There are people who admonish me, or attack me, and use that as a constant spearhead to do that.?

The relationship between Baldwin and his daughter has been on the mend in recent years, as the two regularly attend red carpets and award shows together. However, at the time, the voicemail sent Baldwin spiraling and at one point led him to contemplate suicide. 

?It?s a scab that never heals cause it?s being picked at all the time by other people,? he added. ?My daughter, that?s hurt her in a permanent way.?

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Despite all this drama, ICYMI, Ireland grew up to be a world-famous supermodel, and judging from her social media accounts, she?s made amends with her famous father.

Every now and then, Baldwin shares shoutouts and throwback photos featuring dear old dad, posting an Instagram of her half-brother at the movie premiere of ?Boss Baby? just last week.

the real Boss baby!!!!! @hilariabaldwin @iamabfalecbaldwin

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Fox News Is Hit With Another Sexual Harassment Suit

Fox News, its co-president Bill Shine and its former chairman Roger Ailes were hit with another sexual harassment lawsuit on Monday, the latest accusations to rock a network already reeling from revelations this past weekend about its biggest star, Bill O?Reilly. 

On-air contributor Julie Roginsky filed a complaint Monday in New York state court claiming that Ailes made repeated sexual advances toward her. After she turned them down, Roginsky alleges that Fox News and Shine, specifically, retaliated against her by denying her opportunities at the top-rated cable news network.

Shine, a longtime Fox News executive, became co-president after the resignation of Ailes, who left amid widespread harassment allegations in July. The lawsuit alleges that Roginsky faced repercussions for not joining ?Team Roger? by initially defending the network boss following the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former host Gretchen Carlson. 

A Fox News spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Ailes? interest in Roginsky, who?d been appearing on Fox News since 2004, allegedly began in earnest in 2015, after she landed a co-hosting role on the afternoon show ?The Five.? According to the suit, Ailes would call her in for one-on-one meetings, where conversation would lead to Roginsky?s personal life. Ailes allegedly would ask who she was dating and why she wasn?t married.

This was just the beginning of the inappropriate behavior Roginsky describes in the suit: ?During these meetings, Ailes additionally (and without irony) volunteered the advice that Roginsky should engage in sexual relationships with ?older, married, conservative men? because ?they may stray but they always come back because they?re loyal.??

Ailes also told Roginsky, in what seemed like a clear warning, that he was loyal but that loyalty was a two-way street, according to the suit.

At the meetings Ailes would insist on a kiss hello, but he would be seated in a low armchair. That meant that Roginsky had to bend down to reach his cheek, according to the suit.

All along, Roginksy, who the lawsuit describes as a liberal, thought she was in the running for a permanent position on ?The Five.? But in April 2015, Ailes called Roginsky in for what would be their final one-on-one. He ?toyed? with Roginsky, the suit alleges, about giving her a permanent spot. Then he allegedly said that ?if it wouldn?t get us both in so much trouble,? he would take her out for a drink. Instead, Ailes suggested a drink in his office.

After Roginsky declined, Ailes dismissed her and refused to meet with her again, despite repeated requests, according to the suit. Ailes gave Roginsky?s spot to Geraldo Rivera.

Roginsky is being represented by attorney Nancy Erika Smith, who also represented Carlson. The full suit is below. 

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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Fatal Mistakes Can’t Be Undone

I was at a birthday party approximately 6 years ago for one of my son?s friends. While chatting with the some of the moms in his class, I must have had my back turned when little cups of snacks were passed out to each hungry 5-year-old.

I broke out into a cold sweat and my heart started beating in my chest loudly. I was about to yank the cup from his hand when I saw from afar it was from a box of cereal he had eaten countless times before and I knew was safe for his egg, tree nut and peanut allergies.

I don?t know what it was, call it ?momsense,? but it kept gnawing at me that I did not actually read the box ? so I went over to the garbage and took it out. I almost fell over as I read the words on this special holiday edition of the cereal ?May contain peanut flour.?

I immediately grabbed Josh and assessed him ? he looked OK. I decided to proactively give him Benadryl (as per our food allergy action plan at the time) and watch him. I also called the company who basically told me there was probably no peanut flour in the cereal but the product was made on a manufacturing line with another cereal that did have peanut flour in it.

I could feel the eyes of all the other moms on me and, as the party went on, Josh had no reaction. I even caught wind of low murmurings of maybe Josh isn?t that allergic after all. I tried to explain that the product probably did not have peanut in it and that if it did, he could have had a life-threatening reaction.

I remember vividly the looks the other moms had ? as if to say ?maybe it?s her.? It was my first taste of the skepticism other parents can sometimes feel toward a mom and her child with a food allergy.

I know it is hard for other folks to truly comprehend what a food allergy looks like ? they look at my happy healthy child and don?t have the same picture as I do in my head. The photo shared below is what he looked like at 2 years old AFTER treatment for anaphylaxis and returning home from the ER after he had a tiny bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Let me try to paint a picture of what he looked like WHILE it was happening.

As soon as he took a bite, his lips, where a smudge of peanut butter had stuck, swelled to almost double their original size. Large angry hives formed next under his armpits and quickly spread throughout his body. His tongue began to swell and he began clutching his throat like he was choking. To me though, the scariest symptom was seeing the light behind his beautiful big brown eyes began to fade. All this happened within minutes.

Luckily, at age 1, he had been diagnosed with an egg allergy so we had an Epipen in the house. The symptoms reversed immediately upon using the Epipen and we went to the ER.

We may seem like ?crazy? food allergy parents at times ? monitoring food, hovering at parties and playdates, or asking a million questions before letting our children get in your car. But here?s the kicker. If we get it wrong, we don?t get to hit the reset button.

Every food allergy reaction is unique and different so we don?t really know what can happen until it does.

Food allergies are a disease that is widely misunderstood by the general public and even by folks who think they only have a ?mild? food allergy. Dr. Hemant Sharma, the Clinical Chief of the Division of Allergy and Immunology and the Director of the Food Allergy Program at Children?s National Health System in Washington D.C. drove home the point recently when he told a reader in Allergic Living Magazine that most people who have died due to food-allergic anaphylaxis may have had prior reactions, but rarely were they very severe.

There are so many variables that dictate how a food allergy reaction will progress. Even taking a painkiller for a headache can alter the threshold of a reaction. The take-home message is your mild previous reactions CANNOT predict whether future reactions will be fatal or near fatal.

I was recently at a FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) research retreat in Washington D.C., when a young man with food allergies gave me a lump in my throat as he spoke about the ever-present fear that hangs over the head of a food allergic person.

I also was struck by how much I identified with a mom who described herself as feeling as if she is constantly seeing her child on the edge of an impossibly steep cliff, hoping this time her child does not fall off. There are great burdens felt by all who are affected by food allergies.

It?s not always as simple as avoiding or refusing food. Labeling can be confusing and even wrong resulting in food recalls due to the presence of an allergen. Just this past week, several lots of Epipen auto-injectors, the medication used to treat anaphylaxis, were recalled.

It?s equally important to remember that we are all fallible. Just like I did at the birthday party so many years ago, we can all make mistakes. If peanut flour had been in the cereal mix, my story may have had a very different ending.

In addition to receiving airline testimonials on No Nut Traveler, I sometimes get stories from food allergy folks with pictures of their reactions. Thankfully, the young man in this picture is fine today. But try erasing that picture from his mind.

Even more difficult, try erasing that picture from his mother?s heart.

That is what I want you to understand. Our fears are not baseless and neither are our precautions. Please be kind and empathetic to parents, children and adults who live each day knowing they are just one bite away from an emergency room visit or even worse, death.


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‘Spanish government a little surprised by UK tone’

Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis says traditional British composure is “notable by its absence”.


Somalia piracy: India ship hijacked in new attack

A new attack is reported off the central coast of Somalia two weeks after another hijacking.



The continual advancement in technology has continued to make the world a more interconnected global village. The focus on Artificial Intelligence is now an area of concern because on its intended impact If you are passing through Louisville KY. Fear grips some people as the thoughts of machines taking over their responsibility keeps plaguing them. This will invariably make them redundant in most cases.


Scientists mobilise against ‘fear of facts’ in age of Trump

Scientists are learning even if you ignore politics, politics won’t ignore you.